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At Blobr, we believe that the best way to make the world smarter is by making it easier to share data.

This is why we want to support Open Data projects by providing direct access to Blobr.

Open data can benefit citizens, private organizations, students, and public institutions.

Transparency is a precious value inherent to democracies and a lot of governments have established open data agendas. The more data available the smarter we are. Yet, private companies are following the pack.

"In god we trust. All others have to bring data."

- Eric Schmidt

We live in a data-driven world and a lot of scientific or social research, for instance, is derived from publicly accessible data. However, making this data available to the public has a cost and at Blobr we have decided to help the trend by proving our platform at no cost to genuine Open Data projects.

Our intent is to help organizations in presenting their data via APIs, facilitating adoption and integration by developers from everywhere.

If you have an Open Data project please reach out to us with a brief description at we would be happy to help you and jointly serve good data causes.

Alexandre Airvault

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