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The no-code tool to create filters & business rules on top of your API

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Turn your APIs into products
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Blobr is the no-code API technology to expose and monetize your APIs.

50% API costs reduction
15% Adoption increase
10X Faster to publish
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How it works

Create Products

Setup granularly which API data you want to share

Share & Monetize

Configure access & pricing models for your products

Analyze usage

Understand users and uncover business opportunities

Anne Gorgiot - Head of APIs

There was no solution related to filtering and monetization only. We were convinced by Blobr with an evolutive pricing adapted to our use case, because we could implement only the filtering and monetization options in our workflow.

John. C. M - PM

It is a game changer. Usually, you can only control the access to API calls. With Blobr, I can control independently the payload and responses for each partner and customer.


The benefits and value of an API can be measured in many ways. The granularity and bands of usage plans may also change over time, based on API users behaviors.

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