A new way to grow and scale your API business

Blobr is a SaaS to customize and monetize your APIs faster, without any coding skill.

Create API products

No code needed. Modify the content of data going through your APIs thanks to our smart filters .

Control your API products


Control at a granular level conditions for partners and customers to access endpoints and data you deliver.

Monetize your API products

Apply any business model and pricing to your APIs. From subscription fee, pay per use to value based pricing.


Trusted by developers, loved by product managers

How it works

Smart Filters

Product Managers have full control at a granular level of their APIs to define which data they want to transmit to partners and customers thanks to our smart filters.

You can answer to partners and customers needs in minutes. You have detailed analytics on API consumption and monetization.

No Code

Bring your own APIs, it is easy to integrate to Blobr. Our interface is built for non-technical people to be able to manage their APIs as products and monetize them. Developers can focus their time on what provides value to the business. It eliminates development costs and decreases time to market to share customized APIs. 

John. C. M - Product Manager

"It is a game changer. Usually, you can only control the access to API calls. With Blobr, I can control independently the payload and responses for each partner and customer."


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26 Rue Etex,  Paris, 75018


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