Stop wasting your Ad budget.

Blobr’s AI screens your store and ad campaigns to find optimizations that save you money.

Dashboards do not explain the why

You waste time and efforts on manual correlations to understand the “why” behind your dashboards.

Painful monitoring

Constantly monitoring KPIs and deciphering data changes can be labor-intensive, leading to delays in identifying crucial insights and root causes.

Superficial analysis

You find correlations and patterns manually through Excel or using multiple apps. You rely on your experience and guts feeling to explain KPIs.

Budget misallocation

You scramble to understand changes rather than anticipating them. Manual analysis and missed events such as anomalies have a major impact.

An AI working 24/7 on your marketing data

It explores your Shopify data and correlates it with your ad campaigns.

Data analysis at scale

Correlations and analysis on your ad spend for deeper insights.

Get the why

Every variations of your KPIs are questioned continuously.

Focus on strategy

A product is sold out? Blobr knows it and flag the impacted ads.
Blobr AI Report: June 15th, 2024
Low Stock Item Still Advertised
Shopify indicates that Sea Fragrance is nearly sold out. Yet, an ad featuring the product is still running on Google Shopping, with $562 spent on it yesterday alone
Audience Mismatch
In the past week, the Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns for the product Car Smell 4 Men exhibited a notable audience mismatch, as indicated by a low CTR (1.2% on Google Ads and 1.5% on Meta Ads) and a high CPA ($25 on Google Ads and $28 on Meta Ads).

Get access

30 minutes call to understand your goals and parameterize your AI before giving you access.

Continuous tracking

Blobr operates round the clock, ensuring comprehensive data monitoring. Unlike traditional tools, it doesn't overlook any aspect of your data landscape.

Unveiling hidden correlations

Blobr doesn't settle for surface-level insights; it uncovers correlations within your entire dataset, revealing hidden patterns and trends.

Proactive insights

Blobr's AI autonomously investigates significant findings, ensuring you stay ahead of changes without constant manual intervention.

Search in natural language

Ask questions like business leaders, get insights like an analyst. Anyone can search for insights the way you’d ask your colleague a question. No technical expertise needed.

AI evolution

With Blobr, AI evolves over time, refining its analysis as it learns more about your business and its unique data patterns.

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30 min call to understand your goals.

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30 min call to understand your goals.


Connect your apps in one click on Blobr.


Receive a daily report based on insights found by our AI.


Dig further into the insights by chatting with your data.