Typeform API x ChatGPT Quick Reports on Forms Answers

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When launching our new ChatGPT Plugin Creator feature, we have made numerous use cases to test our new product. We took some of the most used software around to craft reliable use cases that can be used on ChatGPT, with plugins. Typeform is one of them: let’s see how we turned their API into a workable plugin on ChatGPT!

The Tool

Typeform is a surveying tool made to provide the smoothest experience possible for the interviewee. Asking questions is essential to understand the general mood of your users, customers, etc. And a great way to get the best insights: when you build or sell something, and spend almost all your waking hours on it, you can quickly lose the focus between your understanding and the actual one of your users or customers.

This is how Typeform helps, by making you ask the right question, and get answers.

The Idea

But asking the questions and having answers is only the first half. Once you’ve got your hands on hundreds of answers, understanding the main learnings is a different kettle of fish. Especially if you have open fields.

This is when ChatGPT can intervene: if you feed it the answers, it can give you bullet points, and summarize the general feeling of the respondents. A great way to get a first feeling!

How we made it

To do so, we used the Typeform API, and specifically one endpoint.

The Retrieve Responses endpoint is the one we used: on Blobr, you can filter the endpoints to only keep the ones that matter.

Then, we filtered the response to keep only the type of answer and the text: ChatGPT can’t support API responses over 100,000 characters, so filtering the response helps fit more answers in one response.

The Result

And on ChatGPT… the magic happened! We were able to talk to our survey.

In this example, we asked ChatGPT to resume the answers for a given survey (note that you have to use the survey ID, that can be retrieved in the URL of your Typeform survey).

ChatGPT gave us a tour of the answers, and once we did so, we were able to ask for the number of people who works in a given field or the general feeling of the people surveyed!

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