The Guide to Generative AI for Marketing

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Of all the jobs positively impacted by AI, the category most likely to already use it, and having access to a set of compelling tools is Marketing. Because LLMs excel in two things Marketing profiles do all day: write and analyze. But it doesn’t stop there.

Working in marketing means being always one step ahead. This sentence works in both ways: being aware of the latest technological advancements to always be on top of the customers’ needs, and knowing how to take advantage of it to improve the workflow, find new relevant ideas, etc.

For Marketers, taking advantage of AI is primordial. It can quickly ease repetitive actions, help analyze vast amounts of data, provide new ideas, and craft content faster. But what it won’t replace is the human factor or the way marketers succeed in building lasting relations with their prospects.

This blog post reviews all the facets in which AI can ease the job, with actionable examples and tools you can start using today.

Content and Communication Optimization

Let’s go back to one of the main ways AI can help marketing profiles: writing.

Working in marketing is basically spending days playing with words until achieving the best-performing combination leading to convincing people to buy something. This goes from the H1 of a website homepage to the content of a cold email.

But whatever the form, from the few words of the H1 to the 2,000 words Ultimate Guide designed to nudge in conversion (yes, this is the goal of the two humble hands behind this piece), you won’t get there from the first draft. You’ll have to iterate again, and again to improve the text (and correct miscellaneous mistakes).

This is where AI can help. Instead of having to go through X versions, AI can help you reduce that amount by 2x to 10x, and even more.

First, to help rework the first draft, tools can help you Create, Rewrite and Improve texts, based on your intent. This can go from a simple LinkedIn message to SEO.

You have countless options, here are the ones standing out:

  • Writesonic is one of the biggest on the market. It can help rework content for SEO, generate pieces, summarize text, and even generate landing pages!
    • Free plan available with 50 generations/ day, starts at $16.67 for Individuals and $25 /month for Teams.
  • for Marketing is another big player. Here, you can build workflows for your lead gen or nurturing, like generating a complete email nurturing sequence, or content like generating LinkedIn posts.
    • Free forever plan available, first paid plan at $49 /month.
  • Text.Cortex bears fewer use cases but is more adapted for marketing teams of one and smaller companies. It can assist in writing content, or draft quick answers to emails.
    • Free plan with 20 creations /day (1 creation = 125 words), paid plan with an incremental price based on usage — from $5.99 for 150 creations to $55.99 for 2,800 creations per month. Unlimited plan at $83.99.

And if you need help to just review your text, you still have options to help edit it in real-time or get a more “readable” copy. For those use cases, we can cite:

  • Grammarly, a compelling tool to keep you from all kinds of mistakes.
    • Free plan with spelling, punctuation, and some grammatical mistakes, first plan at $12 /month.
  • ProWritingAid is a cheaper alternative bringing the same features.
    • Free plan includes more rephrases, and the first paid plan is at $10 /month.
  • Hemingway leverages AI to help write more concise, clear texts. It just points out the complicated sentences, to help you improve your copy.
    • Free plan identifies mistakes but doesn’t suggest corrections, the first paid plan at $10 /month uses AI to provide corrections.

Personalization and Engagement

Every copywriter will tell you the same thing: at the end of the day, even the best possible piece of copywriting won’t reach its target if it isn’t personalized enough. The quest for personalization is what lies at the heart of modern marketing.

And here comes the conundrum: how to keep both a high level of personalization and a high number of people reached?

It takes time and effort to think of your target, corner the segment, and populate those never-ending lists of custom attributes.

Fortunately, AI is quite a powerful ally to smooth the process. Multiple AI agents have recently popped up to help Marketers find info more easily.

  • Claygent, from Clay, is an example of an AI made to retrieve info about companies and leads, like the time spent at a company, the industry of a company, competitors, etc. Things that would have taken hours to find can now be automated through AI.
    • Free plan with 100 credits /month. First paid plan is at $149 /month for 2,000 credits, or $229 for 3,000. Claygent is one of the features offered by Clay.

Behavioral Email Targeting solutions also serve as prime examples, where AI algorithms curate content and suggestions tailored to individual preferences and behaviors.

  • Mailchimp AI features offer the possibility to generate marketing automation based on the behavior of prospects and customers. It can analyze the interests of customers to craft emails and sequences aimed at re-engaging them with content specifically built for them.
    • Generative AI features are available on plans starting at $20 /month for 6,000 emails and 500 contacts. The price is based on the number of contacts.

Data Analytics and Decision Making

We can now come to the second part of the Marketer’s work: analysis.

Working in Marketing means more than ever being data-driven. Because iterating without having a detailed view of the results is like throwing darts blindfolded. Sometimes it works, but most likely, you will just end up hurting someone.

Once said, being data-driven is not that easy.

The more tools you use, the more data is collected. And the more data is collected, the harder it gets to have a compelling view of what matters.

One thing about the data-driven culture that is too often left unsaid is that collecting too much data, to the point of being drowned in it, brings you to the same point as not collecting data at all.

And between companies that can afford to have a dedicated team and smaller ones, where you spend hours struggling to get the view you need, there is a world of differences.

Of all the use cases, this is probably the one where AI stands out the most: the ability to bring a truly data-driven culture to companies of all sizes.

By analyzing vast datasets, GenAI offers Predictive Analytics for forecasting consumer behaviors and market trends, thus enabling businesses to stay ahead of the curve. This predictive prowess extends to Sales Forecasting and Customer Lifetime Value Prediction, empowering marketers to allocate resources more effectively and nurture valuable customer relationships.

  • Blobr is a good option for companies without dedicated data teams. You just have to collect your business tools, and Blobr does the rest. It fetches relevant data and finds new insights across your siloed SaaS.
    • First 25 questions are free, then $49 /month for 100 questions, and $299 /month for 1,000 questions.


Introducing some AI in your work routine is not about replacing the human touch, but rather enhancing it with intelligent automation, data-driven insights, and predictive capabilities. Whether it's crafting the perfect piece of content, personalizing messages at scale, or making sense of mountains of data, AI tools are here to make the marketer's life easier. And remember, it's not the tool that makes the marketer, but how they use it that truly counts. So, go forth and harness the power of AI in your marketing operations. Your future self will thank you.

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