Meet the new Blobr brand identity

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We're excited to introduce you the new brand of Blobr, featuring a completely redesigned website, updated logo, refreshed colors, and revised typography heading system.

Committed to transform the way APIs are shared and consumed on a larger scale, we wanted to create a strong and adaptable brand that aligned with our mission: breaking data boundaries for a smarter world.

That's why we partnered with the creative studio Hervé to embark on a rebranding journey that would not only reflect our company's values and vision, but also elevate our brand identity to new heights.

Empowering our vision

From its inception, we have been dedicated to helping companies build and scale their API businesses. As the world of APIs continues to evolve, we decided that our brand should too. Built around the notions of adaptability and connection, our rebranding started from what’s at Blobr's core: the blob. Capable of changing forms, be cut and merged, has been the perfect representation of both our values and the products we create since the very beginning.

The new identity

When we started reflecting on our new identity, we had two things in mind.

Firstly, we wanted a design reflecting our commitment to changing the way APIs are shared and consumed:

  • We provide a developer portal easy to create for product and technical people
  • We have an API as a product approach so that APIs can adapt to API consumers’ needs
  • We enhance the portal with tools to help grow API adoption and monetization

Secondly, we wanted a brand to represent our work values of trust, resilience, and collectiveness.

Initially inspired by the "blob", its constant connectivity and flexibility prompted us to explore various visual elements for our new brand. During the exploration process, the shape that was ultimately selected was the open block, which visually connects the characteristics of a blob and how we perceive APIs to function. The concept of “junction”, being an echo of what an API is, became the base of our visual language, starting with our logo icon.

Image showing on the left the block shape connected to another one. On the right, a display of the logo icon.

The open block shape merged perfectly with the letter “o” from our company name, allowing us to have the logo icon inside the logotype. The typography used for our logotype was a custom one, aiming to represent the idea of constant movement.

We also updated our typography heading system with  Gilroy, a modern sans-serif font adding a geometric touch (designed by Radomir Tinkov). We chose Inter as the font for our product, articles, and documentation because of its well-known readability.

On top of the illustration, a display of the logotype. On bottom, a sneak peek of the font called Gilroy used for heading and Inter font used for product, documentation and article purpose.


This is the beginning of a new fresh and bright cycle at Blobr, where our team, vision, product and brand are all aligned. We hope you feel it, we can’t wait to ship all the exciting new features we planned for this year, stay connected!

If you’re looking to build an API developer portal that converts more and boosts sales, you can connect your API to Blobr now. If you want to help us build the future of how APIs are shared and consumed, we’re hiring.

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