Blobr AI Report: June 15th, 2024
Low Stock Item Still Advertised
Shopify indicates that Sea Fragrance is nearly sold out. Yet, an ad featuring the product is still running on Google Shopping, with $562 spent on it yesterday alone.
Audience Mismatch
In the past week, the Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns for the product Car Smell 4 Men exhibited a notable audience mismatch, as indicated by a low CTR (1.2% on Google Ads and 1.5% on Meta Ads) and a high CPA ($25 on Google Ads and $28 on Meta Ads).
Why: The actual purchasers are primarily women aged 18-24, despite the ads targeting men aged 25-34.
Recommended actions:
- Retarget campaigns using lookalike audiences based on actual purchasers.
- Revise ad creatives to resonate with women aged 25-34.
- Narrow down targeting parameters.
The key KPIs to monitor are CTR, CPA, conversion rate, bounce rate, overall sales, and return rates to ensure better audience engagement and improved ROI.
New segment insight for customers with high LTV
From June 10 to June 16, 2024, an analysis from Stripe, Shopify, and Google Ads shows that customers women aged 35-44, particularly those who purchased Golden Seagull and Mellow Beach, have a lifetime value (LTV) 23% higher than average. This segment consistently makes repeat purchases and engages with premium products, driving substantial revenue over time.
This customer segment values the unique combination of these fragrances, reflecting their preference for diverse, high-quality scent options. Their higher spending capacity and brand loyalty contribute significantly to their elevated LTV.

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