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Generate reports in natural language, and break data siloes with your CRM and financial tools.
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No more data silos.

Blobr connects your Google Analytics data to all your SaaS and retrieves hidden info for you.

Enhanced productivity
Retrieve info in a simple chat interface, and bypass the need to login to multiple platforms or call on a colleague to get an answer.
Connecting the dots across your apps
Get deeper and cross-platform insights, with our unified data model allowing an holistic view across multiple integrations.
A 360° view of your Google Analytics data
Instant access to all your data stored in Google Analytics within a chat that understands, retrieves and digests it effortlessly.
One-click integrations
Transform the way you integrate data. Connect diverse SaaS APIs with one click. No need to build a data-lake.

One Google Analytics connection, countless questions to ask

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