Blobr AI Report: June 4th, 2024
Sales Calls Keywords Correlation:
Keywords mentioned in the transcript of sales calls like “integration of marketing applications” correlate with a 30% higher conversion rate. Those recurring keywords are not used in your SEO.
Google Ads Performance Observation:
One of your Google Ads (“Ad Actural”) has a low conversion rate of 1.2%, while another (“Ad Brosanf”) has a high conversion rate of 4.5%. However, “Ad Brosanf” brought 2 customers with a monthly subscription of 99€ whereas “Ad Actural” brought 15 customers with an average monthly subscription of 69€.
Why: “Ad Actural” is targeting a broad audience with generic messaging, whereas “Ad Brosanf” has targeted, relevant messaging aligned with user intent.
Anormal traffic and Ads related to Brazil Observation:
Today, you have spent 52% of your Ads campaign to acquire users in Brazil whereas it represents only 2% of your revenue.
Why: Previous weeks Brazil represented only 5% of the website traffic showing an important increase while revenue from Brazil does not follow the same trend.

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