Making a Marketing API portal toolbox to manage campaigns

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Test our Marketing API portal and explore how we transformed campaign and marketing APIs into a useful toolbox. You can manage outbound campaigns and their contacts, scrap search engines and verify email addresses. For your API consumer, an enhanced experience and for you, a way to find new customers and users. Try Blobr unified platform, handling API management, documentation, monitoring and monetization.

From marketing APIs to a single API portal providing a wide range of API products

Transform your API into a large array of API products

Connect your API with an OpenAPI file or manually in minutes and start creating API products by selecting the endpoints you want. Here, we connected several APIs to provide multiple services, including a SERP and SEO tool, retrieving meta tag and search engine results.

Choose your way to monetize

You can keep your API products free or monetize them following the monetization model of your choice. For our Marketing API portal, we used a flat price for the campaigns management products - using a custom metrics, a tiered model for the Email Verifier product, with the first 25 calls for free and a pay-per-call model for the SEO Tools product.

Improve your consumer experience

Our Workflows display only what the API consumer needs, without having to have a look at your whole documentation. Explain quickly how to implement the API product and what each endpoint does. In this case, how to update a contact on a list.

Manage your APIs, and your consumers

Provide a nice hub for your consumers

On the API portal, your consumers can also replay calls and contact you. They can also access invoices and manage their API key. On your side, you can give them access to all the API products you want: a private API product can be dedicated to the consumer of your choice.

Ensure painless API versioning for you and your consumers

Managing your APIs include managing new versions. With Blobr, you can add your version and instantly see how it affects your API products. Multiple versions can be ran side by side. And, to limit breaking change, Blobr automatically identify API consumers concerned by API changes and inform them by email.

Access the API logs and debug your consumers

On the activity logs, filtered by product and user, you can replay any call made by your API consumers. This way, you have all the information you need to quickly respond and debug your customers, which improves their satisfaction.

Get clear revenue analytics

See the revenue generated by your products with on the Analytics board. Filtered by client and products, you can access all the data you need to help you decide how to make your API products even more profitable.

Build your own API portal with Blobr

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