A Carbon Emission API transformed into an API product store

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Have a look at the Carbon Emissions API portal to explore Blobr’s possibilities for your API and how we turned one API into a slate of products. Blobr’s unified platform will help you improve your API consumer experience and find new segments. API management, monetization, documentation and monitoring, Blobr handles them all.

How we made a sleek showcase from a Carbon Emission API

Identify some use-cases to break down your API into products

Connect in minutes your API, with an OpenAPI file or by adding the endpoints manually. Here, we created API products based on the source of carbon emissions. In general, APIs hold several use-cases, Blobr helps you put them in the spotlight.

Monetize your API products, or leave them free

Free or paid, it’s up to you. Each product can have its own monetization model: metered or tiered, with our without overage. Here, we used a flat-fee model, with a 1,000 calls for $25 per month and a price of $0.10 per call beyond that.

Enhance the experience of your users

Workflows help you explain how to use and implement any API product. They show only what the API consumer needs, without having to have a look at your entire documentation. In this case, how to use the weight units in an endpoint.

Manage your APIs, and your consumers

Provide a nice hub for your consumers

On the API portal, your consumers can also replay calls and contact you. They can also access invoices and manage their API key. On your side, you can give them access to all the API products you want: a private API product can be dedicated to the consumer of your choice.

Ensure painless API versioning for you and your consumers

Managing your APIs include managing new versions. With Blobr, you can add your version and instantly see how it affects your API products. Multiple versions can be ran side by side. And, to limit breaking change, Blobr automatically identify API consumers concerned by API changes and inform them by email.

Access the API logs and debug your consumers

On the activity logs, filtered by product and user, you can replay any call made by your API consumers. This way, you have all the information you need to quickly respond and debug your customers, which improves their satisfaction.

Get clear revenue analytics

See the revenue generated by your products with on the Analytics board. Filtered by client and products, you can access all the data you need to help you decide how to make your API products even more profitable.

Build your own API portal with Blobr

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