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API products released in 4 days

The challenge

The Business of the Company is led by its APIs. Among their APIs, there are two different segments: Bookable content and non-bookable content. Bookable content refers to availability of Hotels in the world, current rates, bookings. Non-bookable content refers to the content of hotel and other tourism providers (videos, photos, descriptions...).
The Company was already sharing those APIs with different partners. Yet, all the solutions tested so far did not satisfy their needs. Other existing API Management solutions were either too complex to use for non-technical people or not helpful to provide a stellar experience for the final users.
The experience for integrating those APIs was bad. They had API specs in different formats (downloaded file, links to a swagger...), and no time to harmonize the documentation.

The solution

Based on their API, our solution helped them to provide the right API products to their partners. For hotel and tourism providers, the experience is easier, they'll get access only to the information that is relevant to them.
"Blobr is exactly what I was looking for. The tool is much easier than anything I've seen so far."

Key criteria to use Blobr

Our client is able to create and manage new API products in minutes. The technical integration is lightweight. No back-end development is ever required. Their end-users only have 1 HTTP API request to make: they send the hotel ID in the API call, the data is pushed over. That's it. For their API partners, it is even easier to implement as they have dedicated documentation generated for them and their specific use case.
Flexibility through no-code API creation
The Company added its different APIs through an easy process on Blobr. An automatic onboarding autoload helped the API provider to define APIs he wants to upload in Blobr without having the API specs under a JSON format. Blobr automatically recreates the specs so that it is usable instantly. In a few minutes, they were able to upload 10 APIs without specs.
Excellent Developer experience
The API Provider's clients - tourism providers - get the chance to have a personal space on which they have all info to consume APIs the right way.
They are granted access to a personal portal where they can: choose the products they want to consume, consume spot-on documentation adapted to their use case, get access to consumption and/ or invoices.
No more time lost spent looking for the right data or looking at how to use the API properly. Nothing can be missed and the developer experience is greatly enhanced.

The results

Great Developer Experience
They greatly increased the adoption rate by 30% and satisfaction from Partners using API products created through Blobr as they only get what they're looking for and get a stellar experience with specific documentation fitting their own use cases.
Less time spent on low-value tasks
They decreased the time spent on adding, managing their APIs on an API management platform and monitoring their partners' consumption.
Be thought of as innovative
They are now perceived as a very innovative company with a high level of experience standardised as they can create API products adapted to different needs in minutes.