Turn connected saddles into new revenue streams and outshine competition

A female rider on her horse


additional revenue is now coming from API


times faster release of their API products

The challenge

Among other things, the API Provider is known for its connected saddles, from which they are able to collect data on 4 main dimensions:
Events that separate two successive steps of the same horse's limb
Distance the horse travels per time unit
Clear horse's spring of the ground by a sudden muscular effort
Graphical representation of the electrical activity of the heart over time
The founder already had the idea of monetizing their APIs to their partners to generate new revenue streams but had no technical resources to dedicate to the project. It had to be simple to implement for his team and he needed to make it easy for developers to understand and integrate APIs based on their use cases.
Thanks to those connected saddles, our client collected a data gold mine that many would like to consult. Among those interested:
A horse in a stable
Stable Managers
They need to understand and get a global picture about horses they are taking care of. They need to get all data as a source of trust pushed to their CRM. It can be information related to horses doing some training, at the paddock, or information about other situations.
A bunch of medications
They want to get access to medical data like electrocardiograms in order to optimize medication given to horses and make more prevention as part of their caring solution.

The solution

Based on their internal API, our no-code solution helped them to productize how they wanted to share their API and link monetization to Stripe. Blobr manages access for Business Users and provides a dashboard about consumption and revenue generated for the different API products created. It also helps for the API onboarding and the checkout of API users.
"I needed a solution to enable a pay-per-use business model with seamless integration to Stripe. They made it."

Key criteria to use Blobr

They wanted to quickly create new revenue models from their data and make the integration seamless for their customers. The key selection criteria was that with Blobr they could simply configure and monetize API products.
Our client is able to create, manage and monetize new business API products in minutes. The technical integration is lightweight. No back-end development is ever required. Their end users only have 1 HTTP API request to make: they send transactions tied to the users and accounts in the API call, the data is pushed over. That's it. For their API end users, it is even easier to implement as they have dedicated documentation generated for them and their specific use case.
All data is securely stored and shared applying best-in-class practices. Unique API keys are created for each customer, so data access is carefully monitored.
They customize how 3rd parties can access data to match certain business requirements & security constraints. It is managed directly by their Product Owner. They can create as many API products as they need to match any requirement. Some use cases are related to Health (e.g. heartbeat monitoring) but other use cases relate to Cadence, Speed or Jump or other specific use cases for the API customer.

The results

New Revenue Stream Added
Data leveraged to create an additional revenue stream and touchpoint with their customers.
Great Developers Experience
Adoption rate and satisfaction from Developers using Blobr's API products increased through Blobr as it provides them a stellar onboarding experience.
Thought of as Innovative
They are perceived as a very innovative company as they can create API products adapted to different needs in minutes.
Reminded as Essential
Stickiness of their solutions improved by providing data to third parties so that the value of their solution is extended.