Understand how APIs are used

No more blind about who is doing what


A Company wants to plan for next API developments and track how its APIs are used. A Product Manager working at this company oversees the reporting of API analytics.


API analytics are usually only related to the number of API calls made. It means that a Product Manager only knows the number of accesses to the API. The insight about which data is the most important or consumed is hard to discover. It requires in addition work from Development to track logs from an API.

Solution Highlight

You can create custom views for subsets of an API so you can have detailed analytics and info about how data and APIs are used.

→ Reference your API to Blobr
→ Upload the existing definition of the API to Blobr.
→ Create a custom view for a customer
→ Get reporting about how this specific view was used by a user, partner, or customer

It helps to get fine grained analytics about API usage and anticipate the next development without relying on technical resources.