Reduce API costs

No more developer dependency


A Company wants to reduce API costs so that providing multiple access content at a low additional marginal cost. An architect working at this company oversees reducing the cost of creation and maintenance of APIs. API creation costs are quite often the tip of the iceberg while the maintenance costs represent most of it.


The API cost creation is about 12k€ based on the time spent by developers. In addition, there is an extra cost of 12k€ to consider as the expected cost for the maintenance of the API.

Solution Highlight

From one existing API, you can reuse it by customizing the content and manage multiple access content to create scenario of usage based on any requirement from developers.

→ Reference your API to Blobr
→ Upload the existing definition of the API to Blobr
→ Point the URL to access the API with the authentication mechanism
→ Define the filters on top of existing API through selection of object, arrays, or data points to be include
→ Create different API views without coding