18th January, 2021

Blobr Press Release

Seedcamp, New Wave, the fund backed by Xavier Niel, Tony Fadell and Peter Fenton, and Guillaume Cabane invest €1,2M in No-Code API Technology, Blobr

The Pre-Seed round led by Seedcamp with New Wave, Kima, and business angels will accelerate the expansion of the disruptive no-code API technology, Blobr

January 18, 2021 (PARIS) Blobr, the company turning APIs into products, is proud to officially announce its pre-seed funding round of €1,2M led by Seedcamp, a top tier European early-stage fund, and New Wave, Pia d’Iribarne and Jean de la Rochebrochard’s new fund backed by Xavier Niel (CEO of Iliad), Peter Fenton (Benchmark) Tony Fadell (Former right-hand of Steve Jobs and leading iPod division at Apple). Other prominent entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe joining this round paint the potential lying in the data-exchange market and Blobr: Guillaume Cabane (Former Apple, Segment and Drift), Nicolas Dessaigne (Founder of Algolia), Jonathan Widawski (CEO of Maze), Amirhossein Malekzadeh (Former CEO of Logmatic), Gabriel-James Safar (Former CEO of Madumbo).

Dependence on tech is killing product and business people. Blobr is the Business and Product layer for APIs. Product and Business people are finally independent to manage and monetize their APIs without technical knowledge. They do not need to rely anymore on developers. « Our ambition is to democratize how data is exchanged between companies breaking down silos and enabling a lot of innovative use cases making the world smarter and more efficient. With Blobr, we give superpowers to product and business people to share and monetize data the way they want, instantly. », comments Alexandre Airvault, co-founder and CEO of Blobr. «Being one of the first investments of New Wave and getting backed by great entrepreneurs will help us accomplish our vision. Blobr is the next-gen API tech to unleash the full power of data and API economy.» This funding round will support Blobr in accelerating the expansion of its no-code technology to expose and monetize data through APIs (Application Programming Interface).

The number of APIs in the world is growing at a staggering pace and many companies offer now an API as a product for their services and share data with partners and customers. APIs are the pipes enabling to share data between companies and sell them. It is a critical part for the data economy. No one has been taking care of them as products. Blobr is solving that. A turnkey solution for product and business owners, with a unique no-code approach helping businesses develop their data-sharing capabilities while reducing their costs by 50%, making their time-to-market 10 times faster and increasing API adoption by 15% thanks to a better experience for API users. The platform, available via monthly subscription, helps business owners customize one unique API into multiple customized packages, monitor the usage through analytics and monetize them through a seamless Stripe connection, without any coding skills.

Caption: API management without vs. with Blobr

“Companies should stop thinking of APIs as mere pipes and start building them as products to unleash their power: this means APIs should be priced, customized and managed with a user-oriented mindset and not only a Tech one. I built Blobr with my co-founder Alexandre Mai to empower product and business owners to make data-sharing a profitable model, while reducing their dependence on Tech. I believe this approach is what will drive the data-exchange market to the next level.” said Alexandre Airvault, co-founder of Blobr.

Alexandre Airvault (CEO) previously spent 10 years at Gemalto at different international business positions and lastly leading Business Development for the Monetization solutions business line.

Alexandre Mai (CTO) previously spent 20 years at different top engineering positions in Europe on real time data and lastly being one of the first employees at Reezocar.

Since its launch last June 2020, Blobr onboarded clients like Axeptio, one of the leading consent management API on the market, to monetize and manage their API as a product with a seamless integration to Stripe.

Sia Houchangnia, Partner at Seedcamp, comments:
“The API economy is growing rapidly with more and more businesses monetizing their data via APIs but too often API customization remains the preserve of the developers in the organisation. Blobr’s vision of a no-code platform, allowing business and product people to customize and monetize APIs, immediately clicked with us. At Seedcamp we always look for a great team with a compelling vision and with Alex and Alex we are convinced we have found both. They perfectly understand the business and technical considerations behind APIs matched with an impressive rate of execution and deep clarity of thought in terms of what they are setting out to achieve.”

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About Blobr:

Blobr is the no-code API management technology to expose and monetize APIs, whose mission is to make B2B data exchange fluid for a smarter world. Launched in June 2020, Blobr has already helped dozens of companies share their data in a smarter way while reducing costs. The startup is part of the incubator Paris-Tech and aims to help companies around the world share their data in a smarter way. For more information, visit https://www.blobr.io/

About the funds:
‍Seedcamp: https://seedcamp.com/
‍New Wave: https://www.newwave.vc/
More information about New Wave: click here.
Kima: https://www.kimaventures.com/

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