Meet Blobr, the technology making “B2B data exchange fluid for a smarter world”

Blobr was born from the meeting between Alexandre Airvault and Alexandre Mai.

After spending years in the tech world, they came to the observation that the power of data struggled to be unleashed due to unscalable data-sharing models built on APIs (Application Programming Interface). So they built a revolutionary technology, making the first step into tomorrow’s data sharing world. The way data-sharing models have been built by tech

teams so far is: 1 API = 1 pipe that delivers a set of data, corresponding to one type of clients’ demand. “1 API = 1 usage type” model was sustainable for some businesses at the early stage of the data-sharing economy. Along the years, the two Alexandre have seen companies with API programs become over-complexified with the growing demand, and getting too expensive to maintain. The API model reached a glass-ceiling, while data-exchange kept growing.

“I have met hundreds of product and business managers dealing with data-exchange models who would reach that glass-ceiling. Demand is growing, but it costs them too much to respond to it and make data-sharing a profitable source of revenue for their company. Their dependency on tech is huge, and the whole model is not sustainable anymore if you want to provide a stellar experience to API users. Building an API costs on average $80 k.” explains Alexandre Airvault, CEO & co-founder of Blobr.

As the demand grows, building, managing and monetizing these APIs becomes complex, time-consuming and expensive. To cut costs, companies choose to open their APIs to more usage scenarios and too much data is shared with unmatching clients’ needs. That short-term solution is a waste of money, a poor experience for clients consuming their data and could lead to risks of over-shared data. And this is just the beginning as we expect the data sharing to expand dramatically.

So Blobr’s founders decided to rethink the API model. Their idea: transform APIs into products rather than a long list of expensive data-exchanging pipes offering a poor user experience. That’s with this in mind that Blobr was brought to life by its two co-founders.

Blobr’s mission is to help companies unleash the power of their data, so they can make the exchange of data fluid for a smarter world.

Blobr & the blob… a story of endless possibilities

Blobr’s name means a lot to its co-founders. Blobr comes from the “blob”. The blob is neither an animal, nor a mushroom, nor a plant! It’s a cell composed of many nucleus capable of ramping, growing, learning… but that never dies!

What is Blobr’ concept?
A three-step no-code API management solution:
1) Plug-in one API, and make multiple packages without coding
2) Manage the consumption from one dashboard
3) Price adequately to each client

Blobr has a Stripe integration which makes it seamless with other revenue streams.

Who is it built for?
Blobr was built for product and business managers, wanting to either reduce costs of their API management models, or build one model that is sustainable. Blobr democratizes data and API sharing capabilities for everyone.