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Add an API


You can start adding your first API by clicking on the "+ Add" button.


Give a name, an optional description and version of the API you want to upload.


Blobr can treat only GET methods from REST APIs. To create an API you need to have the URL of this API.


You need now to define the authorization method for Blobr only to access the API. Methods handle by Blobr are API key, Basic Auth, Bearer Token and Oauth 2.0


Upload the API definition document (following strictly the open API standard). The format is either a yaml or json file following open API standards (Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0). This document must be perfectly aligned with the standards. To check whether it is the case you can upload the document here to test it before:


When all these informations are correctly provided you can click on the "+ Create" button to finally create this API. In other words, this means that you have allowed Blobr to access your API as per the  API definition provided.


Once added, you can always edit by clicking the "Pen" icon.

If you want to delete an API you need to have deleted first and in this order, customers credentials to an api and plans related to this API.
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