Monetize your APIs

No more hassle monetizing APIs


A Push notification company wants to use its APIs to generate a revenue stream. That company aims at serving its clients by delivering push messages from mobile device or computer. To prevent clients’ churn rate and to enhance clients’ customer experience, the company built a robust API for push notifications.

In that context, in order to monetize their APIs, three different monetization models are to be considered:
Pay per call: the client pays for each API call request

Monthly subscription fee: the client pays the same fee each month, whatever the consumption

Monthly subscription fee + true up price per additional call: the client pays the fee each month up to a certain limit of calls. When the limit is reached, each call has to be paid a fixed price.

The Product Manager (PM) of that company, that gathered a lot of feedback from potential clients, knows the data provided does not have the same value among customers. For some, all data attributes are valuable, for some others only very specific ones are.
As the Product Manager is client-focused, he would rather implement the third monetization model (monthly subscription fee + true up price per call), according to the value added to its clients’ businesses. Also, he is wondering how much of a hassle it will be to bill his clients according to the plan. The goal is to have all that live within a few days.


With the company’s current APIs architecture and processes, the Product Manager realizes he cannot monetize following MODEL 3 (Monthly subscription fee + true up price per additional call). Also, he is wondering how to bill his clients: how to make sure that above a certain limit, they will all be billed a fixed price per call? How to implement monetization plans that - if needed - can be changed over time?

Finally, the Dev team is already very busy delivering current sprint’s features. This implementation could take weeks to implement, whereas he has a tight deadline in mind.

Solution Highlight

With Blobr, you can choose the monetization plan that you’d like to add to your clients and start monetizing in a few clicks thanks to our Stripe integration.

→ Reference your API to Blobr
→ Upload the existing definition of the API to Blobr
→ Point the URL to access the API with the authentication mechanism
→ Define the filters on top of existing API through selection of object, arrays, or data points to be include
→ Create different API views with different API monetizations without coding
→ Monetize your data according to your clients’ needs and requirements
→ Let your clients be billed by Stripe and be sent their billings with no effort