Increase API adoption

No more missed API opportunities


A Company wants to increase API adoption so that the total number of users increases. A product manager working at this company has the objective to increase the number of users accessing the API and the number of developers integrating the API developed. Product managers can either educate the market by making the API more known to people and/or increase the conversion rate of people using the API.


It is usually a long effort to achieve this. One of the key drivers to make this happen is to provide a tailored experience for developers integrating an API. The objective is to have them easily understand the API and consume for their use cases. It means that different API scenarios must be mapped, explained and easy to implement.

Estimation of the API cost creation is about 12k€ based on the time spent by developers. In addition, there is an extra cost of 12k€ to take into acount as the expected cost for the maintenance of the API.

Solution Highlight

From one existing API, you can reuse it by customizing the content and manage multiple access content to create scenario of usage based on any requirement from users.

→ Reference your API to Blobr
→ Upload the existing definition of the API to Blobr.
→ Point the URL to access the API with the authentication mechanism.
→ Define the filters on top of existing API
→ Select object, arrays or data points to be included in a new API
→ Apply the filters to a new API user
→ Assign a filtered API to user
→ A new URL is generated by Blobr for the specific filtered API created with an API key dedicated to a user.