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“There are plenty of people who want to test our APIs and Blobr is a good way to distribute them easily.”
Stefan Bornemann
COO @Meteonomiqs, powered by


Wetter is the leading weather service for consumers in Central Europe. At Wetter, more than 70 meteorologists, editors, developers, data professionals etc. work everyday to serve 20 million monthly users. They provide historical weather data as basis for advanced data science and AI/ML use cases, which combined with their weather forecast data lead to advanced solutions. Besides, they also provide demand indices predicting the public demand for product categories like ice cream, beer and more based on weather. They finally have a data unit to serve business customers on other topics such as health and data. Because of this, there have been API offerings for a long time at Wetter.

When looking for a solution to improve API sharing at Meteonomiqs - powered by Wetter, their goal was to connect different data sets to share weather forecasts. They needed a tool to provide APIs in self-service.


Wetter found a solution that allows them to take away the bureaucracy of the data distribution.That’s when they found Blobr, that would allow customers to test the APIs before actually subscribing to them via the self-service mode.

At Wetter, what is important when they speak with business customers is to understand their data use case. Blobr, by providing a self-service API store, allows them to focus on their core business and they’re best at: providing insightful weather data. With Blobr, they are providing their main APIs that are about forecasting weather. Hotel websites are for instance using that data. But data science, energy, agriculture, retail, tourism or logistics can also use their APIs.

On their API store, they have created API products with different business models. They share one free API Product that includes forecasts on a daily basis and radar based current weather information. They also share monetized API Products, which have a free trial and that are then based on a subscription fee. Those API Products support an extensive usage of weather data. Finally, they also created “custom” API Products where end users can contact Wetter in case they want to access historical data.

“Blobr was so simple and nice to use: we started with an integration test that was done in half a day - nothing compared to other solutions.”
Stefan Bornemann
COO @Meteonomiqs, powered by

Key criteria to use Blobr

  • Fair pricing

    The Blobr model is fair because it scales according to the number of Monthly Active users and API calls that come through the store. Blobr's pricing is less complicated than any other corporate API solutions.

  • Simple to use

    The tool is very easy to use, so it takes almost no time to connect APIs, create API Products with different business models and display them nicely on the API store.

  • Speedy service

    They found the support team very helpful in answering their questions and comments. If there were any small glitches, there was always someone to pick them up and fix them.


  • Blobr in Self service

    They let customers decide which API Products they want to subscribe to, they are able to test and play around with the APIs before actually deciding to use on the long run.

  • Management automation

    When selling their APIs, they need to ensure the billing and invoicing systems are up to speed and give their customers all the info needed to proceed and use the APIs. Blobr takes the hassle out of Wetter by automating this whole part.

  • More time spent by their tech team on what matters

    By using Blobr, meteorologists, editors, developers, technicians etc. can focus on what they do best: working on the data sets and data forecasts. Improving Wetter’s core business again and again.

“We can focus on enriching and improving our data sets while Blobr automates everything else so that our data can be used in a self-service mode by our customers.”
Stefan Bornemann
COO @Meteonomiqs, powered by

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