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    0 other tool met their requirements like Blobr did.


    4 API products monetized and set up in minutes

“Blobr just allows us to manage everything, from API keys to API distribution, so we don’t have to.”
Daniel Nash
Developer @WeGetDesign


WeGetDesign is an agency specialising in back-office infrastructure and scalable software as a service. They help build low-code custom business applications while also providing many off-the-shelf customisable software templates.

They have very custom approaches, depending on who they are working with (projects go from charities, to small businesses, incubators or larger companies). They make sure people can take care of their projects/businesses, while WeGetDesign takes care of the technology, providing them with an app that meets their needs.

They also run the "WGD Labs", one of whose projects is called "WGDPlaces" and is based on Blobr. For more details: as software-as-a-service developers, they build platforms for customers and maintain the customers' backend for them.

A few months ago, they realized they needed to share some APIs with their customers so they could retrieve basic country and city information, for example. They needed a fast and qualitative way to do this. That's when they looked at a few API solutions, but decided to go ahead with Blobr, because they thought Blobr was the best selling point.


They use Blobr to manage API keys and API distribution. The API authentication managed by Blobr is really convenient because it allows them to distribute API access according to their rules and securely. On their API portal, they have built four different packages so that they are suitable for the different companies they work with. Companies that work with the agency can easily subscribe and start paying for the API products to benefit from the data in their applications. They also really appreciate Blobr's customization and ease of use to get something started quickly.

“The simplicity and design of Blobr are actually very beneficial for us.”
Daniel Nash
Developer @WeGetDesign

Key criteria to use Blobr

  • Authentication and security

    Blobr helps share API Products that are safe and secured, both for the provider and the end users.

  • Customization freedom

    They really appreciated being able to customize their developer portal as they wanted. Custom branding, custom security, custom log-in, among other things.

  • Monetization options

    WeGetDesign likes the ease of creating different packages with just a few clicks, without having to manage the monetization aspects on their end. They currently charge based on API calls, because that's what makes the most sense for their users. But they know that many other options could be used in the future.

  • User experience

    Unlike other tools, Blobr ensure end users can follow their consumption and can use the provider’s connection method (via SSO) so that it’s more user friendly. Very appreciated on the users’ side.


  • Excellent developer experience

    Their existing customers are really happy with the portal. They can leverage the data very easily. It improves the We Get Design existing software development work. Daniel and Omar enjoy using Blobr so much that they suggest to their existing customers to use the Blobr developer portal themselves, when they have a lot of data that they could also share on their end.

  • More time spent by their tech team on what matters

    The tech team never has to interfere with the activity of the business team on the API store they have built.

“In three years, we will have created a few more APIs, that our clients will massively connect to, using Blobr.”
Daniel Nash
Developer @WeGetDesign

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