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    1 portal that centralize everything regarding their APIs.

"Blobr is a sort of Shopify or Webflow for selling your APIs as a service. That separates Blobr from everything else."
Amogelang Moloko
Engineering Manager @Tripplo


Tripplo ensures that moving road freight cargo is done in the safest and most efficient way possible. To achieve their goal, they offer a smart logistics software to help their customers optimize logistics and save costs. Tripplo is used by cargo owners, cargo brokers and transporters in the SADC region, in Africa.

Their use case for using Blobr is a specific one as it is for an internal use for now.

As Tripplo is growing fast, they needed a tool in order to:

• Properly document all their APIs.

• Onboard new engineers in the best possible way to start using Tripplo’s APIs.


Amo, engineering manager at Tripplo, came across Blobr in a newsletter and found everything they were looking for in the tool.

At the time he discovered Blobr, they were using Notion to document all their APIs. Even though Notion is a great and intuitive tool, it has big limitations when it comes to documenting REST APIs. As the API space is very competitive, they thought of using some other famous tools like Postman or Swagger. Yet, those tools were not as straight-forward and as adapted to their use case as Blobr was.

Instead of spending time and resources to build a great developer portal, they could use the one created by Blobr to better onboard engineers and document their existing APIs. They also appreciate Blobr because they can foresee a future in which APIs will be shared with the public through it. In that sense, knowing that Blobr can quickly help is a great advantage.

“As a start-up, the goal in the future is to reach some form of scale while being able to reach the entreprise market. Blobr has proven it will be able to help.”
Amogelang Moloko
Engineering Manager @Tripplo

Key criteria to use Blobr

  • Pricing models

    Blobr is adapted for start-ups trying to find their product market fit. The free option plan is great to start exploring the tool as there the number of API calls is sufficient and there is no time limitation.

  • API onboarding

    Thanks to the developer portal and for their internal use case, it is easy & quick for engineers to understand what an API does and how to use it. Interactive documentation and changelog functionalities are really helpful.

  • API testing

    Engineers don’t have to switch to some other tools to perform API testing. They can see and receive specific API payloads easily directly from the portal.

  • API monetization option

    While the use case for using Blobr is internal for now, monetizing APIs in the mid-term is part of their roadmap. That’s why they are so excited about using Blobr, thinking of what the future holds for Tripplo.


  • Less & more qualitative time spent by developers on APIs

    Both for new & existing engineers at Tripplo, the experience of discovering, testing, using and enhancing APIs is great. Everything is centralized and no time is wasted switching from one API tool to the other.

  • Open to exciting API discussions

    As they know they master a tool that they could easily use for external purposes, they are discussing with existing clients and larger companies on future API use cases.

“Blobr will also greatly help in the future as some of our APIs will be open and monetized. Some examples: allowing transporters to manage their trucks via public APIs, tackling the entreprise market allowing integrations with delivery apps to provide logistics as a service.”
Amogelang Moloko
Engineering Manager @Tripplo

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