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    6 months saved building a developer portal beta.


    0 technical resource involved in the API store set-up.

“I felt it was hard for Rapid API to innovate where they currently are. Blobr is smaller, faster moving.”
Emil Wallner
Founder & CEO @Palette


Palette is a colorization tool that is trusted by millions of users worldwide, from Japanese pensioners reviving cherished memories to professionals working on Netflix Originals.

Emil Wallner, the founder and CEO of Palette is a former Googler whose colorization work has been showcased in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and Wired.

Emil intended to create an API solution himself, but didn't have enough time to devote to it.


Palette compared several solutions before choosing Blobr. This included testing on the Rapid API hub, the largest API marketplace available. But Palette didn't want to be listed among thousands of other companies. They also found that fees were very high on Rapid API.

That's when they came across Blobr, which would enable them to share their existing APIs very easily, without adding too much effort to the subject.

On their developer portal, Palette shares different types of APIs: APIs to bulk colorize videos, APIs to colorize images. The Video Colorization API is specifically designed for colorizing video frames, which results in a slightly different workflow compared to the Image Colorization API.

“I've been planning on creating an API platform myself, but I have so much to do and when I came across Blobr, I realized I can just plug in my existing back end to enable access to my AI technologies.”
Emil Wallner
Managing Partner @AnachronTechnologies

Key criteria to use Blobr

  • Developer portal instead of marketplace

    Since Palette was already successful thanks to their website, Palette much preferred to have its own developer portal where they could display and sell APIs, rather than being listed on a marketplace among thousands of other companies.

  • Fair pricing

    Palette discovered that Rapid API's pricing was aggressive compared to what they could get on Blobr.

  • Easy to roll out

    With Blobr, sharing an API takes just a few minutes. A sleek portal for developers is created and shared in no time.

“With Blobr, I have more time to devote to my AI models, such as extending the color range, or for example improving the quality of old photos.”
Emil Wallner
Founder & CEO @Palette


  • Blobr in Self service

    Instead of being just another company in the same sector, Palette has created its own marketplace, displayed on its website, for which it receives a great deal of attention.

  • Monetization flexibility

    With Blobr, Palette built different public API Products. One free API product allows end users to run tests by colorizing and transforming their images using some of their features. Four other API Products, based on a subscription model with an over quota in case people go over the limit, to help further colorize their images and videos.

  • More time spent by Palette on AI models

    Because Palette doesn't need to focus on creating a marketplace or developer portal to share APIs, it can spend more time exploring the colorization market and researching and developing the best colorization options for its customers.

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