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“We were considering creating our own developer portal, as the third parties we tested were inaccurate. Then we discovered Blobr and were immediately convinced of its ability to deliver a great experience.”
Nicholas Jenkins
Founder & CEO @Language Confidence


Language Confidence uses Artificial Intelligence to automate and replicate what a teacher can do in a classroom and scale this to the nearly 2 billion people that want to learn English. For that, Language Confidence provides B2B APIs to access their leading-edge AI technology.

Since they focus on providing B2B APIs, they tried out different developer portals to be able to share those easily. Yet, they weren’t happy with the many tools they tested. A few reasons why:

• The platforms were too expensive.

• The support was inexistent.

• Analytics were inaccurate.

As their API needs were very important, they thought they would build their own portal. But, they wanted to go fast and did not really have the time for that. This is when they hopefully stumbled upon Blobr.


Nicholas Jenkins came across Blobr and started to discuss with Alex, the CEO of Blobr. They shared the same vision regarding SaaS Products and APIs: APIs should be productized to be shared the best possible way.

At Language Confidence, their LCAT, AI-powered, teacherless speaking practise technology is only provided via APIs. The APIs they built provide the following: detailed scoring, ajustable scoring, closed end assessment, open end assessment, support for accents, comprehensive analytics.

The use-case was perfect to be implemented on Blobr. Blobr gave them the full flexibility to build the portal they were dreaming of to share their AI tool for English pronunciation.

“Blobr is set up as the main point of contact for our API and our customers”
Nicholas Jenkins
Founder & CEO @Language Confidence

Key criteria to use Blobr

  • Self-service onboarding

    Blobr provides an inclusive platform that allows users to browse the API Products, test and subscribe to them.

  • Billing and invoicing automation

    Blobr automatically invoices clients according to the business models that Language Confidence has set up. Invoices are also automatically generated on the developer portal for their end-users.

  • Customer relationship

    Unlike other platforms and marketplaces, Blobr guarantees that Language Confidence retains the relationship with its customers. Language Confidence is able to keep in touch with them.

  • Customer service

    Blobr puts a lot of effort into its customer service. Language Confidence is involved in shaping the future of Blobr and its feature releases.


  • Excellent developers’ experience

    Language Confidence has no interface for users to access their AI technology.Their developer portal then supports their core product: their APIs. The developer portal drives satisfaction and adoption by providing an exceptional onboarding experience for end users.

  • Great sales options

    Language Confidence is starting to develop its sales team. But for now, without many dedicated sales profiles, the developer portal helps greatly in sharing API products with the world as it is easy to self-register on the platform.

  • Analytics that participate in scaling their business

    Analytics help to scale their sales approach: they know who their customers are, who calls their APIs the most, who they should focus on, etc.

“In three years from now, I still have absolute confidence that Blobr will deliver a great experience for our users.”
Nicholas Jenkins
Founder & CEO @Language Confidence

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