Build the chatbot that answers your clients


    30 minutes to set up the developer portal on Blobr.


    0 technical resource involved to maintain the portal.

“Sometimes you have an API that is valuable but you can’t monetize it because it would take too much effort. With Blobr, you can basically integrate your work in a matter of minutes.”
Yanis Kerdjana
Co-founder & CTO


A few years ago, the founders understood that the need for conversational AI and automation would only grow exponentially. That’s because it is a great way to provide the best service and support to customers worldwide.

Today, Ideta offers a no-code platform that allows companies to create conversational assistants on many different communication channels (on web pages, on social media, with instant messaging etc.). The platform makes the creation of chatbots and the use of AI accessible to all.Chatbots can be adapted to different needs: lead acquisition, customer support, sales support, RH automation. Of course, when it comes to a specific problem, Ideta still mixes AI and a little human care. That’s what makes their platform so powerful.

Outside of their existing platform, they also created their sentiment analysis API that they wanted to share with existing customers. Their API has great value so they wanted to find a way to monetize it.

Discoverability: It is very difficult to be discovered and found on the marketplace among thousands of providers.

Customer relationship: They were mostly looking for a platform that was rewarding to existing customers and that provided an excellent user experience.

That’s why in order to upsell their existing customers while providing a very good user experience, they chose Blobr.


Once their API was up and running, it only took a few minutes for Ideta to start documenting, sharing and monetize on Blobr. Besides, they were able to share their brand new portal with their existing customers.

“What I loved about Blobr was also that the monetization path was so easy to follow”
Yanis Kerdjana
Co-founder & CTO

Key criteria to use Blobr

  • Quick onboarding

    Blobr provides a developer portal that can be understood and used in minutes. There is no steep learning curve.

  • Monetization options

    WeGetDesign likes the ease of creating different packages with just a few clicks, without having to manage the monetization aspects on their end. They currently charge based on API calls, because that's what makes the most sense for their users. But they know that many other options could be used in the future.

  • Customer relationship

    Unlike other platforms and marketplaces, Blobr guarantees that Ideta strengthens its relationship with its customers through a developer portal that can be integrated into the Ideta platform.

  • Customer service

    Blobr puts a lot of effort into its customer service. Ideta gets feedback from the Blobr founding team and can shape the future of Blobr by giving advice on useful features they would like to see on Blobr.


  • Excellent developer experience

    Since they wanted to move quickly to share their APIs but did not want to degrade their customers' experience, it was important to be selective about the solution. Blobr provided an excellent developer experience.

  • Great upsell for existing clients

    Ideta is now able to upsell to existing clients through its sentiment analysis API. Customers can extract their users' feelings about the tags they have chosen.

  • Analytics to grow

    Analytics help Ideta scale their sales approach. They know their existing customers, but they are discovering how they use their sentiment analysis API. They know who calls their API the most and they will be able to adapt their existing offering with some other APIs in the coming months.

“In three years, we want to provide a lot more automation via APIs to easily integrate AI into business workflows. Blobr will help us do that.”
Yanis Kerdjana
Co-founder & CTO