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    10 time faster release of API products.


    0 technical resource involved in the API store set-up.

"The complexity of some big API cloud providers kept me from going further. Blobr gives me the freedom to tackle the API topic while my tech team does not have to."
Chris Fry
Founder & CEO @Hyperspect

Challenge designs AI solutions to grow sales for their customers. In other words, they provide advanced sales outreach and marketing automation workflows so that companies scale faster.

For many companies, scaling sales outreach is quite tricky. To help, the Hyperspect system replicates the process of top performing sales teams to accelerate a company’s growth. They built several APIs that help Sales teams scrape data and use those APIs to personalize their sales outreach. The emphasis is put on NLP with the goal of humanising the outreach.

To proceed, they had the idea of taking the slices of functionalities they had developed to get people using them via APIs and build their own use-cases. Yet, that is when they faced a number of ongoing issues:

• Since the tech team was quite small, they did not have enough time or resources to build the API Platform by themselves.

• They had a look at very big organizations (e.g Amazon). Even though the CEO is a very technical Growth and Marketing person, he could not go any further with these platforms.

• They tried some other easier to implement API players. Yet, those did not have all the features they absolutely wanted: API Proxy, User Authentication, User Access Management, API Monetization...


After having a look at a couple of API tools that did not fit, they came across Blobr. Blobr handles all they were looking for - API proxy, User Authentication, User Access Management, API Monetization. With Blobr, The CEO could as well be in charge of managing and scaling the API Platform by himself. Blobr was the exact solution they were looking for.

“Blobr was exactly what we were looking for, it seemed very simple, very user friendly.”
Chris Fry
Founder & CEO @Hyperspect

Key criteria to use Blobr

  • Simplicity

    The interface is very user-friendly. Our client was able to connect Hyperspect APIs, create API products and brand his portal in minutes.

  • Flexibility through no-code

    Even with no deep technical skills, it was possible to be up and running in no time since the platform does not require to code.

  • Excellent developer experience

    Their users are granted access to an API portal where they can: choose the products they want to consume, consume spot-on documentation adapted to their use cases, get access to consumption analytics and invoices. That is key when the core business revolves around APIs.

  • Great Blobr customer support

    Unlike many other companies they looked at, Blobr did not leave customer support on the wayside. Whenever they had issues regarding how to implement their use-cases, we provided them a dedicated account representative to answer their questions.

“The implementation on Blobr was remarkably fast, and very easy.”
Chris Fry
Founder & CEO @Hyperspect


  • A robust product

    They increased developers’ satisfaction & adoption as they provide a stellar onboarding experience. It became a part of their own added value in the perspective of their customers having such an easy way to integrate the APIs.

  • Be thought of as innovative

    They are perceived as innovative since they can create API Products adapted to their users’ needs, in minutes.

  • Analytics that participate in scaling their business

    With Blobr, they get detailed analytics regarding their API users’ consumption. They get the data they need to make decisions and influence their AI models’ roadmap.

“I was very impressed with your ability to respond quickly to any of our questions”
Chris Fry
Founder & CEO @Hyperspect

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