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    6 months saved building a developer portal beta.


    0 technical resource involved in the API store set-up.

“We wanted to build an API Portal. It would have taken a lot of time. Blobr helped us accelerate where we wanted to get.”
Wael Khattar
Managing Partner @AnachronTechnologies


Anachron Technologies is a Fintech as a Service Platform. It helps embed Roboadvisory, Financial Planning and Savings apps. Anachron Technologies provides both back end APIs and front end white label solutions. They are working with Banks, Financial institutions, Fintechs etc.

As their customers' API needs were important, they came up with the idea of creating a nice and easy-to-use development portal for their customers. Yet, they faced a few issues:

• Building the developer portal would have required too many resources, efforts and time.

• They wanted to go fast and could not wait several months until having the first version of the developer portal.

• Not only that: within the financial industry, they were faced with data privacy constraints that the developer portal had to take into account.


They came across Blobr. Blobr supports what they were looking for: a lean developer portal where customers can discover APIs, view documentation, subscribe to APIs, pay to use APIs, etc.  In addition, Blobr was aligned with data privacy constraints and ensured that no user information was stored. Using Blobr, the CEO could also set up the account without the help of engineers, working on improving the Fintech as a Service platform.

On Blobr, they built three API products: one for Roboadvisory and two others for financial planning modules. They also have private products that they plan to share with clients, so they can customize pricing and align it with the client's revenue model.

“This is all we needed to be faster in implementing a customizable and intuitive developer portal”
Wael Khattar
Managing Partner @AnachronTechnologies

Key criteria to use Blobr

  • All-in-one platform

    They had a clear idea of the features they wanted for their developer portal. They found almost all of them on the developer portal provided by Blobr.

  • Fit between our teams

    Very good understanding. They felt that common ground could easily be found between the two teams.

  • Customer service

    Unlike other companies, Blobr put a lot of effort into customer service. When they had problems with the implementation of their use cases, Blobr answered their questions in no time.

  • Great roadmap and vision

    They immediately took a look at the Blobr roadmap and were in tune with the planned features. They particularly liked our long-term vision. In the long term, Blobr plans to offer providers the ability to merge data and sell it through Blobr. This would make the data much more powerful for end users. It would also allow for revenue sharing between providers. Anachron loves this idea.

“I am aligned with the longer-term roadmap. The ability to add API sources from different providers into a single product, and then share the revenue would make Blobr stand out even more. Blobr would become better than any other homemade solution.”
Chris Fry
Founder & CEO @Hyperspect


  • Excellent developers’ experience

    They have increased developer satisfaction and adoption by providing an exceptional onboarding experience. The ease of API integration has become part of their own value proposition from their customers' perspective.

  • Less time spent by the Tech team on API tasks

    The technical team spends more time developing their APIs and white label templates. They do not spend time building or maintaining the developer portal platform, managing payments, etc.

  • Analytics that participate in scaling their business

    With Blobr, they get detailed analytics about the consumption of their API users. They get the data they need to make decisions and influence their own roadmap.

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