We are building the future of the API economy

Blobr team

Our mission

Blobr is helping non-technical people to manage their APIs as products and drive forward the API economy.

Great tools were created to foster the use of APIs during the last years. It helped APIs become standard building blocks for software. APIs enable to share data and information at unprecedent pace. Those API tools have been mainly created by and for engineers, not focusing on business people. APIs are often seen as cool technical pipes but not as business solutions.

However, we believe the relative value of data in the technology stack is becoming more and more important. APIs have the power to change how value is exchanged. Therefore, APIs need to be treated as products and get specific solutions to help non-technical people to move this industry and the business potential forward.

We are building the future of API economy.

Our values

Blobr is directly inpired from the Blob or Physarum polycephalum. A blob is an organism able to take several forms.  It has some learning capabilities with no brain. Its capabilities are fantastic. It can be cut, merged with another one and burned. It is immortal. It is one cell composed of many nucleus. We found that it would represent well the values we cherish for our employees and customers.


We trust each other through transparency and autonomy


We leverage collective genius through a safe workplace and empathy


We succeed together through continuous learning


We are 2 Alex. However, we still cannot merge physically like a blob.

The two co-founders of Blobr

Alexandre Mai

Founder - CTO

Alexandre Airvault

Founder - CEO

Our institutional investors
Our institutional investors

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