We are building the future of the API economy

Blobr team

Our mission

APIs enable us to share data and information at an unprecedented pace. APIs are everywhere but still, consuming them can be difficult. The reason is simple. For API providers to be successful, substantial and continuous effort is required. Building a relevant API experience is hard.

We were frustrated by API tools that are created by and for engineers, not business people. We decided to build a solution to help any company share their APIs easily.

Blobr helps non-technical people manage and display their APIs as products and drive forward the API economy. We believe the relative value of data in the technology stack is becoming more and more important. APIs have the power to change how value is exchanged. Therefore, APIs need to be treated as products with specific solutions. Blobr helps non-technical people move the API industry and their business potential forward. We are building the future of the API economy.

Our values

Blobr is directly inspired by the Blob or Physarum polycephalum. A blob is an organism able to take several forms.  It has learning capabilities with no brain. Its capabilities are fantastic. It can be cut and merged. It is immortal. It is one cell composed of many nuclei. It is the perfect representation of the values we cherish in our employees and customers.


We trust each other through transparency and autonomy.


We leverage collective genius through a safe workplace and empathy.


We succeed together through continuous learning.

Our institutional investors

We are currently recruiting to grow our team in our Paris office. Check out our latest opportunities in Careers.